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General Director of the ISPEC Ltd, Managing Chair of the Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure of St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Doctor of Law, Professor. The author of more than 100 scientific works.

Main publications:

  • Mechanism of the Rule-of-Law State.  Monograph. St. Petersburg, 1999.
  • State Mechanism of Russia: History and Present. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 1999.
  • Mechanism of State: Questions of Theory and Practice. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 1999.
  • Criminal Law. General Part. Course of Lectures. St. Petersburg, 2001 (in a co-authorship)
  • Theory of State and Law. Course of Lectures. St. Petersburg, 2002.
  • Law-Enforcement Bodies. Textbook. St. Petersburg, 2002.
  • Constitutional Law of Russia. Course of Lectures. St. Petersburg, 2002 (in a co-authorship)
  • Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries. Course of Lectures. St. Petersburg, 2002 (in a co-authorship)
  • Comment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. St. Petersburg, 2002 (in a co-authorship, general edition).
  • Criminal Procedure. Collection of Manuals. General Part. Release 1. Moscow, 2002 (in a co-authorship)
  • Civil Society and Its Institutes in Modern Russia. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 2004 (in a co-authorship)
  • Law-Enforcement Function of State and Forms of Its Realization. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 2007 (in a co-authorship)
  • Responsibility for Crimes Committed by Health-Care Workers. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 2008 (in a co-authorship)
  • Criminal Law. General Part. Textbook. St. Petersburg, 2009 (in a co-authorship)
  • Triangle "Russia – Lithuania – Poland". Collection of Selected Articles. St. Petersburg, 2011.
  • Development of Main Directions of Development of Mechanisms of Law Regulation of Turn of Real Estate. Monograph. St. Petersburg. 2013 (in a co-authorship).
  • Bases of Civil and Labor Law. Judicial Protection of Civil and Labor Rights. Course of Lectures. St. Petersburg, 2013 (in a co-authorship).
  • Lithuania and Its Neighbors in the Past and the Present: Historical and Law Aspects of Relationship: Triangle "Russia-Lithuania-Poland; Lithuania and Other Western Regions of the Russian Empire and the USSR; Lithuania and Germany. Collection of Selected Articles. St. Petersburg, 2014.
  • Crimes and Other Offenses in Sphere of Construction and Transport. Monograph. St. Petersburg, 2015 (in a co-authorship).

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